Heavenward Project Preliminary

These are tools that will provide a collection of Firefox Bible Study Links

Developed by Gary Rose, 2021

Intro Image

Heavenward Intro Image

There are two options:

1. In order to open a page with the Heavenward links, click HERE

2. For adding the installation directly into the Firefox Browser, right-click this link and select "Save Link As ..."  JSON Favorites Install File

You will then have to manually add the link file into the Firefox Favorites using the procedure below. Note: this will overwrite your existing favorites. You may wish to save your old favorites before doing this.

Here's the Firefox procedure:
1.  Ctrl-shift-O    (that's the letter O)
2.  Import and Backup
3.  Restore
4.  Choose file
5.  Foo.json   (or whatever you have named it.)