Heavenward Project Intro

These are tools that will provide a collection of Firefox Bible Study Links for advanced users.
For those technically inclined, there's a custom Linux operating system.

Developed by Gary Rose, 2021
New options added Dec. 2021

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Heavenward Intro Image

There are now three major options:


    1. Heavenward Links
    2. Heavenword Firefox Browser Addons
    3. Standalone Computer Op Sys using custom MX Linux

1. DETAILS for Heavenward Links

     In order to open a page with the Heavenward links, click HERE


2. DETAILS for Browser Addons

     For adding the installation directly into the Firefox Browser, right-click this link and select "Save Link As ..."  JSON Favorites Install File
    You will then have to manually add the link file into the Firefox Favorites using the procedure below. Note: this will overwrite your existing favorites. You may wish to save your old favorites before doing this.

Here's the Firefox procedure:
    A.  Ctrl-shift-O    (that's the letter O)
    B.  Import and Backup
    C.  Restore
    D.  Choose file
    E.  Foo.json   (or whatever you have named it.)

3. DETAILS for "Linux MX" standalone operating system

     A complete Linux MX standalone distribution customized by G. Rose.  There are two versions of the MX distribution; version 21 is the newest.  These are for 64 bit computers.  Both versions will work fine with a computer having 4 GB of memory.  Generally, even the oldest Windows (tm) computer will work.  It's common that even older computers support 64 bits  (see * for more info).   A hard drive is not essential.  A dual-layer DVD drive may be used instead of USB memory but the read/write persistence of the USB will not be available.  (Settings that you change will not be remembered.)

Recommended for newer computers:
        MX-Linux 21    64bit ISO.  The 5.1GB links are Heavenward+ 1.3 mx21 17Nov21.iso    ChecksumMD5    ChecksumSHA512

Recommended for older computers:
        MX-Linux 19.4 64bit ISO.  The 7.4GB links are  Heavenward+ 1.2 MX19.4 64bit 5 Nov 21.iso    ChecksumMD5    ChecksumSHA512

Note: downloads normally take over 10 minutes on a very high speed Internet connection.

This procedure is recommended only for advanced computer users. The MX Linux web site has tutorials for installing * an ISO file.  It is recommended to use a computer with all hard drives removed so that there is no risk to your existing files.  A standard version of MX-Linux () can be installed on a 32GB USB memory stick.  Then, that version can be used to install the Heavenward distribution on another USB stick. 

Due to needing "persistence" we do not have a method of using Windows 10, etc. to install MX-Linux. Use this link to download the standard XFCE version: https://mxlinux.org/download-links/  This may be used in Windows (tm) to create a working MX Linux  system without persistence.  That version, in turn, can create the persistent version required of Heavenward using the MX utility, "MX Live-USB-Maker" .  BTW, the 2nd USB memory stick with the installed bootable Heavenward can also be used to initialize and install Heavenward on an empty harddrive or SSD.

Reference1: https://mxlinux.org/     Reference2: https://distrowatch.com/   A 200 page manual is available here:  https://mxlinux.org/manuals/

When done, you will have a computer that boots from a customized USB stick that contains an enormous amount of Bibles and Biblical Information along with utilities.  It will run without needing an Internet connection.

Here's what's included:
- Normal Linux MX-21 programs and utilities.
- Wine - Runs many Windows (tm) programs.
- Conky - Quick view of PC resources.
- LibreOffice - Word Processor, etc. for Linux.  Compatible with MS Office.
- World English Bolls Bible - Complete Stand Alone application. (Internet connection is not required.)    Reference: World English Bolls Bible
- Firefox - Browser for Internet and local files.
- Thunderbird - email application.
- Introduction by G. Rose    Ref: Heavenward_Start.pdf


Personal Note:
Gary Rose and I have colaborated in Bible/Computer projects for dozens of years. I enjoy adding my computer skills to his Biblical expertise. His educational background and devotion to detail is unsurpassed. The Heavenward project will fill the need for users around the globe to have a completely personal mechanism for studying the Bible without interference from Internet distractions.  Bruce Arnold

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*  The second chapter of the MX manual contains the following:

2 Installation ......................9
2.1 Introduction ....................9
2.2 Creating a bootable medium .....11
2.3 Pre-Installation ...............15
2.4 First look .....................20
2.5 The Installation process .......31
2.6 Troubleshooting ................37